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Deer has driven Texan into the trunk and took cigarettes from him

February 11, 2013

Wild deer that came to backyard of two Americans' home has actually hankered after cigarettes that were lying inside parked car near the house. In order to clear the path, deer has attacked one of men and another was driven into the trunk. However, it hasn't managed to finish chewing cigarettes: policemen and vets who came on call have pacified infringer with electroshock, The Huffington Post informs.

Incident took place in Whitehouse city, Texas. Cole Kellies and Joseph Rose were touched when they were visited by deer and went out to stroke the animal. But cunning hoof had other intentions. As soon as men came out of their house, deer has taken fighting position and jumped after buddies that were already running into the woodwork. Being cut off the way back, friends haven't invented anything except getting into pick-up that was caught by their eyes. But scarcely Joseph managed to open the door when animal has butted him amidships. Cole has successfully jumped inside the trunk.

Last stroke to Texans was made when deer has got on front pick-up seat and opened Rose's pack of cigarettes. While the animal has distracted on tobacco, vets and policemen that came on call of victims have approached to it. In order to neutralize the deer they needed electroshock and common efforts of five people.

Representative of hunting department Dustin Dockery has remind men again "that it is better to admires deer distantly, otherwise everything could have worse final", Texas TV channel KETK quotes.


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