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About hookah smoking

March 11, 2013

Hookah smoking that appeared several centuries ago on Middle East quickly becomes popular in European countries, USA and Russia. More and more young people start to prefer shisha aroma to usual tobacco smoke. Shisha is mixture for smoking through hookah that consists of honey, tobacco and oriental incense.

Followers of new trendy liking consider that hookah smoking is not only more pleasant but also is safer than smoking of usual cigarettes or pipe. It is considered that hookah smoke that went through water influences softer breathing passages and lungs of the smoker.

However, Canadian scientists consider that this popular conception is wrong. According to the words of Linda Waverley, International Development Research Center employee, results of new researches about evaluation of hookah impact on smoker's health appeared to be deplorable.

According to Dr. Waverley quantity of carbon monoxide (CO) that enters inside the lungs of hookah lovers for 45 minutes (usually, parties with hookah last longer), exceeds quantity of this harmful substance that usual cigarette contains twofold. Nicotine dose received by smoker for the same period exceeds nicotine dose in cigarette threefold.

At present moment International Development Research Center makes a series of researches in the countries where hookah smoking is traditional. Employees of the Center are concerned that in the nearest time in Europe, USA and Canada may appear new generation of young people that will suffer from new "hookah" dependence that is not better than affection for cigarettes as per its' devastating consequences for health.


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