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Ban on smoking at the wheel - laws began to be adopted

March 18, 2013

About the fact that it is necessary to prohibit smoking at the wheel is talked for a long time now. However, as of yet further than conversions it hasn't gone. And now in Argentine was taken decision to introduce ban for cigarettes and cigar smoking during driving the car. As of yet it has force only on Cordoba territory that is one of the largest in the country (the bigger is only Buenos Aires).

According to the new law people who will smoke at the wheel will have to pay penalty in amount of 500 pesos (approximately 111 USD) and even disqualification from driving for up to 90 days! And in case the driver will be caught for smoking for second time, penalty will be increased twice and term of disqualification from driving may reach two years.

Cordoba authorities are sure that ban on smoking at the wheel will allow increasing safety on the roads. Argentineans also provide data of statistics according to which lighting up a cigarette distracts person from the road approximately for three seconds and car is able to go in average 70 meters during this time. Besides, the driver may also be distracted by ashes that should be permanently shaken off and smoke inside the car worsens visibility.


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