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Interrogation has shown that men and women smoke for different reasons

April 1, 2013

Men smoke for giving fun, but women, - wishing to calm nerves. According to research, 56 % of male smokers smoke oftener during meetings with friends. The same thing happens among 48% of female smokers. It means that for men smoking is to a greater extent socially acceptable, writes The Daily Mail.

33 % of female smokers most often smoke when being stressed. 55 % of smokers are sure that in their case dependence has developed as result of psychological peculiarities. I.e. first has formed psychological dependence and only then nicotine dependence. 54 % of smokers that took part in the research tries to quit smoking up to six times.

Behavioral psychologist Jo Hemmings comments: "In female body triggers mechanism that helps to fight stress from one side. But, from another side, it is endless circle as psychologically is formed association of cigarettes with stressed situation. Here reward system turns on. Most difficult is to cope with pleasure from smoking."

Interrogation of 2000 Britain has shown: 11 % want to quit smoking, 82 % - have tried to but they haven't managed. It is remarkable that 50 % would like to hide their vicious habit from mother. On second place were fathers (44 % of cases), then - partners and children (26% and 20 % correspondingly). Smokers are ashamed (37 %), they don't want others to be worry about their health (32 %) and they find burdensome high prices on tobacco (22 %).


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