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Smokers in Norway appeared to be in minority

April 15, 2013

Number of Norway smokers for 17 years, from 1995 has reduced by one million. At present only 684 thousands of Norwegians (17 %) smoke every day.

In 1995 in Norway were more than one million smokers. In 2004 came into force law about smoking and number of smokers is reducing all the time. "These figures are very pleasant. Reduction of tobacco consumption needs time bit it is better to understand that we are on the right way", - says head of department from Ministry of Health Anne Hafstad.

Number of men, who smoke every day, today makes only one third from the level of 30-years prescription. Now in Norway in smoking women set the style: in age group 35-54 years are more smoking women than men.

It worth to mention, that at the same time, more and more Norwegians, mostly youth, use chewing tobacco. Each two of five men became addicted to chewing tobacco and percentage of those who consume it among entire Norway population has reached 8 %.


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