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History of development of electronic cigarettes as product

April 22, 2013

Inventor of electronic cigarettes is considered Chinese Hon Lik. In 2003 this inventor has got patent on conception of electronic cigarette development and the same year Hon Lik begins to work at Golden Dragon Holding that has taken some interest to scientist's product. After getting finances Hon Lik has followed idea of electronic cigarette creation to logical end, i.e. appeared first quite tangible industrial sample of electronic cigarette and it took place in 2004. As industrial sample of the cigarette was, in point of fact, independent product, and not idea conception, in 2004, Golden Dragon Holding has filed separate patent on electronic cigarette and since then was the only possessor of right on manufacturing electronic cigarettes by industry. First lots of manufactured electronic cigarettes, even in spite of the fact that they haven't looked like usual cigarettes, were very popular. As result Golden Dragon Holding started to specialize only on manufacturing electronic cigarettes and has changed its name to Ruyan.

Does it worth to say that because manufacturing electronic cigarettes, technology of their production were monopolized by a single Company, prices on electronic cigarettes were very high and nevertheless there was considerable buyer demand for them. That time electronic cigarettes were manufactured under name e-pipe and by their appearance they have reminded more smoking pipes. But in time other world Companies have shown interest to launching electronic cigarettes and began to acquire licenses for their production. Ruyan Company wouldn't be able to restrain monopoly for producing electronic cigarettes for long time and soon it started to sell license on manufacturing electronic cigarettes under e-pipe brand. It was conditioned not only with the fact that Company wasn't able restrain monopoly for producing electronic cigarettes for long time but also with the fact that in 2007 appeared new series of electronic cigarettes under name v8. Launch of this series became revolutionary in plan of manufacturing electronic cigarettes, as this series has imitated in whole real cigarettes.

At the end of 2007 basing on series of electronic cigarettes v8 development was elaborated one more remarkable series of electronic cigarette under name Ruyan e-Gar. This series of electronic cigarettes was the whole imitation of cigars and as well as usual electronic cigarettes has found its admirers. After this Ruyan Company has sold licenses for manufacturing electronic cigarettes of newly elaborated series almost in fifty different countries of the world where electronic cigarettes started to be produced under their brands, but at the same time construction of electronic cigarettes remains unchanged.


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