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In Ireland cigarettes of all brands will look equally

June 3, 2013

Ireland became first country in European Union that introduced ban on all logos, branded colors and graphic elements on products that contain tobacco.

Doctor James Reilly, minister of health is sure that innovation will be supported by few people, however it is good call as smoking makes strong impact on statistics of morbidity and death rate in the country.

Daily tobacco Companies should find 50 new smokers to counter the loss of those who quitted smoking. Smoking is an integral part of so-called culture of Irish pubs, known all over the world. But it hasn't prevented the country to be the first in the world and introduce ban on smoking in public places, public transport and on working places.

According to the new law, brand name will be printed with one font on packs of neutral color. By the way, Britain has also planned to follow Irish steps by prohibiting branded cigarette packs. But as of yet this project wasn't developed on state level.


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