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Slims cigarettes will be placed in thick packs: Europe has invented new way of smoking control

July 1, 2013

Slims cigarettes were not prohibited but they will be able to be sold only in thick packs in order not to look so attractive. Also cigarettes with menthol will be prohibited.

Ban of menthol cigarettes is explained with the fact that they are easier to smoke for beginners, what means that they further tobacco dependence development. At the same time, European Ministers of Health who have took decision together, have refused ban of slims cigarettes. They can be sold, but only in usual packs of standard size. Slim packs look more attractively - decided officials.

"The main idea is that tobacco should look like tobacco, but not like perfume or sweets. And it should also have taste of tobacco", - Maltese minister Tonio Borg declared. Among other decisions - increase of pictures and inscriptions size, warning about smoking harm. They will have to take two third of cigarette pack surface. It is interesting that toughening of conditions was not supported by countries of central and Eastern Europe - Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, and also Poland that is one of the hugest cigarettes manufacturers in the Old World. However, their voices were not enough for declining decision. One of the strictest anti-tobacco policies leads Ireland that prohibited any design of cigarette packs in May. All packs look the same - only brand names should differ. First country that introduced such measure was Australia. New measures restrictions on tobacco that were adopted by Ministers of Health will come into force only after they are approve by European Parliament.

Thanks to strict measures that were taken for the last years, sales of cigarettes in Europe have reduced by one third. In spite if this fact Old World still remains the most smoking region on the Earth.


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