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American Ministry of Health has revoked cigarettes

July 8, 2013

In USA was introduced control under new types of cigarettes: it is made by division of the US Ministry of Health.

Food and Drug Administration in USA, division of American Ministry of Health began to control appearance on the market of new tobacco brands. For tobacco Companies it is a headache, for opponents of smoking it is halfway measure.

On June 25th Food and Drug Administration has approved sale of two new tobacco products and has prohibited four. It was made in accordance with the law about family smoking prevention and tobacco control adopted in USA in 2009. Thanks to this law for the first time in the history federal agency got opportunity to control production of tobacco products.

According to the words of Margaret Hamburg, special FDA agent, the law has endued her agency with "unprecedented responsibility to protect health of country citizens, not allowing penetrating in the market tobacco products that hasn't passed FDA tests". In other words, "big tobacco" (with this set expression is named group of three biggest American tobacco Companies in USA - Philip Morris, Reynolds American Lorillard) should prick up a lot and at the same time breathe easily: now "tobacco suits" that in USA appear again and again complainants will have to address to government represented by its federal agency.

Taking into account the current situation in the world with smoking control, "big tobacco" has very serious reasons for anxiety. Though, everything looks for manufacturers not so awful. Law about preventing family smoking and tobacco control accords FDA right to check all tobacco products that enter the market on so called significant equivalence.

Manufacturer of any declared tobacco product is obliged to guarantee that this product has the same characteristics as products that are on the market but if these characteristics differ from the existing, differences shouldn't cause additional questions about new threatens for health.

Otherwise FDA will not let the product to the market.

What happened with four new cigarette brands - they have stopped their existence before appearance. FDA doesn't give names of companies-failures but on the other hand says about new cigarette brands that are allowed to appear on North-American market. These are Newport Non-Menthol Gold Box and Newport Non-Menthol Gold Box 100s cigarettes manufactured by Lorillard Tobacco Company. As FDA representatives declare these cigarettes differ from already existing on the market tobacco products but they are not out of the rule of significant equivalence as they don't arouse any additional questions about influence on nation health.

As it is stated in FDA press release, administration has revoked during this time (from 2009) for further inspection 136 reports of tobacco Companies significant equivalence. It is also informed that manufacturer can withdraw its application if considers that it doesn't correspond with FDA standards or decides to refuse it because of other business considerations. 20 applications were not accepted at all as they haven't corresponded to the rule of significant equivalence.

"It is important to underline that positive decision on significant equivalence doesn't mean that Agency considers the product safe and approves it. This decision means only that product doesn't arouse new questions as to the threatens for health as compared to those products that already exist on the market", - declared Mitch Zeller the head of FDA tobacco department.


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