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Tobacco advertisement: the trend has ended - cigarettes remained

July 22, 2013

On July 15th 1991 in England was prohibited smoking advertising without inscription "Smoking kills". The history of cigarettes' advertising is also long as well as distribution and popularization of cigarettes in the world.

Even for the very first advertisements of cigarettes were used the most refined advertising gimmicks.

Advertising Companies have organized festivals, holidays, and concerts, have jumped with parachute and ballooned. Manufacturers have invented a lot of things only to attract buyer to their cigarettes.

Let's see how have advertising mottos of tobacco Companies changed during entire history, which where popular in different parts of the world.

In 20th century smoking became very trendy. Massive advertisement on every side and propaganda of cigarettes in movies has done their part. Stylish image of smoking woman became so popular that answer on question "Do you smoke or not?" could become a sign of certain social level. If a person wanted to show himself in the best light he smoked. It was difficult to find pretty girl or macho of that time without cigarette.

Advertising campaigns have attracted attention of buyers with high-sounding titles that smoking helps to fight against excess weight. Usually on the label were drawn for comparison thick, ugly and old man and near him beautiful, slender and young.

Advertisement of cigarettes was inferior if there were no stars in it.

In 1930's at the peak of popularity the most prevailing star who popularized cigarettes was Marlene Dietrich.

In 40-50's Vivien Lee changed her.

And of course, Marilyn Monroe.

In principle, all famous women of those times where peculiar advertisement of smoking. They have worked even more than any motto or advertisement.

Advertisement of cigarettes in USSR is completely another interesting history. In each advertisement was felt proletarian spirit.

Today smoking is not as popular as in the past. Today is hold active anti-tobacco campaign.

Packages acquired so deterrent descriptions that any smoker, although he can hide it, startles when he touches new pack.

Times change, vogue as well, but peoples' addictions remain the same.

Maybe, somebody will be stopped by frightening advertisement or will be attracted by Marlene Dietrich on cigarette pack, but for advertisers cigarettes theme remains one of the most popular and profitable all the time.


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