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Advertisement of electronic cigarettes was prohibited in Britain

October 21, 2013

Regulator has made warnings to several huge brands.

Britain advertising committee (ASA) has made several decisions about advertising electronic cigarettes. Regulator has made observations to the content of commercials and has required stopping their demonstration in the form they are presented now.

ASA has considered improper radio- and TV-advertisement of Zandera Company that produces electronic cigarettes under E-Lites brand. In the commercial is shown how person may miss important moment in his life just because of one smoke break. While the man went smoking his child has made first steps and danced to Gangnam Style occasionally. In ASA decision is told that advertisement doesn't contain directions about nicotine content and contradicts with one of the code rules - it is not allowed to attract attention of minors to tobacco products or smoking. Printed or transit E-Lites advertisement hasn't aroused suspicions of the committee.

Second prohibition concerns Zulu Ventures Company. In advertisement of Sky Cigs brand is missed precise direction that these are electronic cigarettes and that they contain nicotine. Manufacturer tries to get out message that the main thing in life is what you will share with your friends. It will be better if it will not be cigarette smoke.

Committee has also found breaches in advertisement of 5 Colors brand. Though electronic cigarettes of Sorse Distribution Company don't contain nicotine, manufacturer has withheld this fact as well as about advertisement volume. In its' commercial young people jump surrounded by fruits and insistent colors. In the commercial appears just web-site address of 5 Colors, there are no hints on smoking and flavored tobacco product.

Similar claims ASA have filed to Ten Motives advertisement. In animated commercial are listed reasons for enjoying the life and appears web-site address and there is no information about electronic cigarettes and nicotine.

Actually, manufacturers of such products turned out in difficult situation. Rules prohibit them to showing smoking process and using logo, branded colors and other elements that consumers may associate with tobacco brand. However, committee considers that advertisers could announce necessary information or add text block.


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