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Treasurer - the most expensive cigarettes in the world

October 28, 2013

Scent of expensive tobacco has always attracted attention, impressing and arousing even non-smokers. Passion to smoking itself is quite democratic, however, there are such kinds of cigarettes that are accessible only for well-situated smokers.

The most expensive in the world was accepted tobacco products of Britain Company Chancellor Tobacc. Namely there are manufactured exclusive products and refined accessories that smokers-aesthetes like so much.

Among them are Treasurer cigarettes that are created with consideration of the smallest details and absolute quality guarantee. For their production is used the most qualitative and expensive tobacco sort that got name Virginia. It has absolutely special flavor thanks to which it doesn't lose popularity during one hundred years in a row.

According to manufacturers Treasurer cigarettes have very unusual scent with mixture of soft, a little sweetish but refined shades.

But presence of nicotine-containing substances along with harmful substances is minimized. Innovative technology furthers this, it excludes in manufacturing process chemicals dangerous for health.

Unique shape of Treasurer cigarettes is formed of various shades and flavors. Important significance has tobacco pack, appearance of which may become base of entire philosophy. Cigarettes in beautiful pack may turn smoking process from bad habit to refined whim.

These elite cigarettes have special aluminium pack with quality sign and hologram so that no doubts could appear about their authenticity.

There are three kinds of Treasurer cigarettes: ascetic Treasurer Silver, rough and delicate Treasurer Mild Gold, airy Treasurer Lights. They differ in strength.

Aesthetes car owners may acquire Treasurer cigarettes packed in unusual tin box of streamline form that looks like expensive car.

Chancellor Tobacco Company produces just 10000 packs of Treasurer cigarettes a month. They are sold only in the most elite places from 40 countries of the world.

Chancellor Tobacco Company is not afraid of bankruptcy as it's exclusive products are always beyond competition.


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