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Without menthol cigarettes. Part 1

November 18, 2013

Decisions taken by European Parliament on October 8th about further measures of smoking control remind of glass that is half-filled with water.

For anti-tobacco activists the vote of which became Green faction in European parliament, "the glass" is half empty. In the faction's statement October 8th was called "shameful day" in the history of European Parliament, right-of-centre majority of which "has borne down to tobacco lobby" and has taken decision that "fully contradicts to citizens' interests and their health". "A sad disappointment became the fact that European parliament members decided to protect interests of tobacco lobby and not the health of our youth", - deputy of Green faction Kit Taylor declared. Similar opinion has also former member of European Commission that was responsible for Healthcare, John Dalli: "Of course, it is a big victory for tobacco industry".

Actually, "winners" don't hurry to be glad of their success. Foe them as well as for activists that struggle for smokers' rights, - "glass" of anti-tobacco measures is seen almost full. According to Drago Azinovic words, representative of Philip Morris International, "European Parliament has actually approved ban of one of legal market segments what will lead to growth of illegal trade." But in declaration of Imperial Tobacco is said that Company "is still very concerned with scales of excessive restrictions that will be imposed on our industry".


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