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Without menthol cigarettes. Part 3

December 2, 2013

European Parliament that is considered by European skeptics nearly as weak-willed automatic machine for approving decisions of "Brussels bureaucrats" - for this time has introduced a lot of amendments in initial offers of European Commissions and these amendments soften, sometimes quite considerably, measures offered.

There are no doubts that deputies have soften position both under influence of "tobacco lobby" and because of noisy campaign arranged in Europe (and first of all in Britain) by defenders of smokers' rights. Especially, heavy activity was developed by Forest group that has launched campaign NoThankEU in the frame of which in Brussels and Britain authorities were directed about 50 thousands signatures against anti-tobacco norms that were offered. According to Simon Clark's words, the head of Forest, campaign has shown "how strong are negative emotions of people towards these anti-liberal and potentially irresponsible measures". Tobacco companies haven't also wasted time - first of all Philip Morris which emissaries, for the last weeks before voting have actively worked with European deputies.

Not in all opponents of strict anti-tobacco measures have managed to succeed. So, ban for small packs that, according to Forest opinion, exposes to risk people with low incomes, was introduced anyway. However, deputies of European Parliament have rejected another widely discussed ban - on manufacturing and sale so called "slims" cigarettes. Also was introduced a number of restrictions on their advertising and packs' appearance - only this.

65 % of warning inscriptions on the packs is not little, according to the opinion of tobacco industry - but it is less than 75 % that were initially offered.


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