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Without menthol cigarettes. Part 4

December 9, 2013

Electronic cigarettes, at the instigation of Health department, were offered to be equaled to medicines and sell them in pharmacies according to the rules provided for medicinal drugs. And this norm, however, hasn't passed in European Parliament - also thanks to position of many deputies from Britain itself, who have indicated that electronic cigarettes, on the contrary, helped to reduce number of "classic" smokers. According to the words of conservative Martin Callanan "striving for ban on sale of electronic cigarettes in the shops is a stone madness as they helped a lot of people to quit smoking more harmful cigarettes".

A real struggle, however, has flared up, around cigarettes with menthol. The argument of ban supporters was that these cigarettes are especially attractive for those who start smoking - children, teenagers and first of all, girls. Ban supporters have found like-minded persons overseas represented by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In July 2013 it came to conclusion that cigarettes with menthol are more harmful than usual, and not objectively, but subjectively not in virtue of chemical properties but namely because of their attractiveness for young smokers.

However, US authorities don't hurry as of yet to increase at expense of menthol legislative ban introduced in 2009 on cigarettes with flavor. And the matter is not only in intrigues of "anti-tobacco lobby". Cigarettes with menthol in the country that till today perceptibly treats race issues, smokes large majority of Afro-Americans. In a sense they even became a part of sub-culture of black US residents. Tobacco-fighters point out to this fact as evidence of discrimination - tobacco Companies, they say, "turn on" vulnerable groups of population (teenagers, young women, Afro-Americans) to cigarettes with "pleasant" taste. Others, on the contrary, consider discriminative possible ban.

In Europe, where there are no such problems opponents of prohibiting cigarettes with menthol also accuse their opposing party of drive for discrimination. According to the opinion of Daily Telegraph's observer Bruno Waterfield "aiming for ban, European Union brings discrimination to the virtue rank and consolidates inequality in front of the law". One more argument: "If ban will be approved, approximately one million of Britain smokers and a lot more in other EU countries will be deprived of the right on their favorite menthol what will open new opportunities for criminal agents of black market".


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