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Smoker-s heart recovers in 8 years after refusing cigarettes

January 13, 2014

Heart health of people who quitted smoking recovers much faster than it was considered earlier.

Scientists from Alabama University have determined that risk of heart problems development and death because of them reduced in 8 years after man refuses cigarette. Previous researches have shown that for health recovery have to pass 15 years, i.e. twice almost twice longer. Let's mark that the question is of risk reduction for former smokers to the level of people who have never smoked.

In the research participated more than three thousand of people in the age of 65 years and elder. 2.5 thousand of them never had vicious habit but 853 of people quitted smoking 15 years (or more) earlier before research start.

As data analysis have shown, people who smoked per 3.2 pack a day during 10 years or one pack during 30 years, risk of heart problems and death from cardiac insufficiency or heart attack was reduced to the level of never smoked people in average already in eight years. However it concerns only the heart health. As to the other indices, the situation is not encouraging here.


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