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Electronic cigarettes will be allowed in London airport

February 10, 2014

After smoking ban introduced several years ago in public places, number of smokers in Great Britain has reduced and electronic cigarette became popular.

However, little by little they began to be prohibited as well.

On major part of Heathrow airport electronic cigarettes are mainly prohibited. But now there is being allocated zone with 30 square meters area where they will be available for buying and smoking.

In International departure lounge of Terminal 4 entry in this zone will be allowed only for persons who have reached 18 years.

Sale of electronic cigarettes is booming what partially is caused by smoking restrictions for the last years. Devices with battery alimentation allow consumers inhaling nicotine steams and are considered less harmful alternative to smoking. Government tries to elaborate better way of regulation. In June Great Britain decided to position them as medicine from 2016 but European parliamentarians last month have refused idea to do the same thing.

Opening smoking room in Heathrow airport proves increasing popularity of such devices.


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