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In Great Britain may be prohibited smoking in the car

March 3, 2014

European Commission supports idea of introducing ban on smoking in the car when inside it there are children. Suggestion about prohibiting smoking in the car in presence of children was developed three years ago in order to exclude passive smoking.

Initiators of this initiative are Irishmen, however later they have refused it. The initiative was taken up by Great Britain.

House of Lords of Britain Parliament has already supported anti-tobacco initiative of Labor Party, however the government was opposed.

House of Lords members confirm their intentions by research of British Lung Foundation according to which child sitting on the back seat of the car, even with opened driver's window, inhales 2/3 of harmful smoke from concentration in hypothetical smoked pub. When car is not moving and all windows are closed, level of harmful substances is increased eleven fold.

Besides, ban supporters refer to social opinion: even in 2011 78% of adult population in Great Britain have supported ban on smoking in the cars with children inside but 44% have opposed smoking in the cars in general.

According to data of British Lung Foundation more than 430 thousands children in the country in the age from 11 to 15 years each week become passive smokers when they are in parents' or other relatives' cars. Foundation representatives have named parliament decision victory in many years' efforts for children's rights.

Smoking ban in the car with children inside is already in force and also in Canada, Australia and some USA states. In Great Britain from 2007 is not allowed smoking in public places, including work place, canteens, restaurants, pubs and clubs.


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