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E-smoking: in Los Angeles have been toughened measured against

March 10, 2014

Like suddenly recollecting after some apathy authorities of American cities began to introduce restricting measures for consumers of electronic cigarettes. Los Angeles became the fourth big USA city in which electronic cigarettes have been practically equaled to usual.

On March 4th Los Angeles City Council, 2nd most populous city of USA has introduced ban for use of electronic cigarettes in restaurants, bars, night clubs and other public places.

Almost 4 million population of Los Angeles from now on will be deprived of inhaling "others'" steam of electronic cigarettes' cartridges. After almost unanimous voting on City Council session city Mayor Eric Garcetti promised to sign corresponding decision during the nearest days.

"We realize extent of our responsibility for citizens' health that may be subject to influence of carcinogenic substances that tiny airborne particles of electronic cigarettes contain" - declared Mitch O'Farrell one Los Angeles City Council members to journalists.

So Los Angeles became the fourth of the biggest USA cities in which are significantly cut rights of electronic cigarettes "smokers'" - earlier for introduction of such measures have voted members of New York, Boston and Chicago City Councils.

As of yet such restrictions are being introduced on local, municipal level, but it is quite possible that soon will be passed law on federal level as well.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in USA that has sweeping powers in tobacco products regulation is already offering to take control over electronic cigarettes under their jurisdiction what doesn't promise anything good for manufacturers of such products.


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