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Sales of cigarettes in France have reduced. Part 2

March 24, 2014

Interrogation made by OFDT in the end of 2013 among 2 thousands French people in the age from 15 to 74 years old has confirmed success of electronic cigarettes that appeared in France in 2007-2008 after introduction of ban on smoking in public places. According to the interrogation from 8 to 9 million of French people have already tried smoking electronic cigarettes but from 1 to 2 million people make it regularly. And only electronic cigarettes smoke only 33% of interrogated persons, smokers interchange them mainly with usual cigarettes (and 67% of interrogated persons have declared that they try to prefer electronic cigarettes). According to interrogation in France smoke 26-29% of population what is significantly less than in 2010 when in the country 34 % of people have smoked. OFDT appeals to interpret results of their interrogation with caution because of limited selection and wait of National Institute for Prevention and Health Education (INPES) conclusions that will be based on interrogation of 15 thousands of people. OFDT also marks that only 1% of interrogated persons have declared that they have generally quitted smoking thanks to electronic cigarettes.

How European Parliament has voted against cigarettes

At the beginning of October 2013 European Parliament has passed new legislation directed on toughening smoking control. From now on in Europe will not be flavored cigarettes but "slims" remain. Frightening images from now on will take 65% of pack surface but electronic cigarettes will be sold without restrictions as before.


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