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USA attorneys have asked cigarettes to leave retail networks and pharmacies. Part 2

April 14, 2014

The volume of USA tobacco market reaches 100 billion USD. In retail networks that have their pharmacy shops are sold not so many tobacco products - less than 5 % of total volume. According to Euromonitor data, 85 % of cigarettes in USA are sold through stores of fuel stations, small shops at a walking distance and tobacco shops. That is why ban for selling these products in the shops will not cause big losses to retail networks mentioned above. However, attorneys' appeal is not mandatory. And as The Wall Street Journal newspaper informs with reference to Andrew Friedman, Press Secretary of New York State Attorney General, and Prosecution Service is not going to make these retailers legally refuse selling tobacco products in the nearest future, though Mr. Freedman hasn't excluded opportunity of enforcing retailers in future. Besides, in the letter attorneys remind companies that "in 1990th US Attorneys General have filed action against tobacco companies for the loss that their products cause". That lawsuit has ended with signing in 1998 the Agreement about regulating claims with big tobacco companies in terms of which they obligated to pay more than 200 billion USD of compensation during 25 years.

Retailers have already informed that they are examining content of the letter, however they refuse other comments.

How is European Union toughening smoking control?

In February European Parliament has adopted new rules directed on toughening smoking control. From 2016 on cigarette packs mandatory will appear frightening images; warning about smoking harm will take not less than 65% of pack surface. Also in EU will be prohibited most flavored cigarettes. Besides, new legislation foresees toughening the requirements to advertising tobacco products and introduction of electronic cigarettes' trade rules.


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