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Financial stimulus will help to refuse smoking

April 22, 2014

Graft may make smoker to refuse cigarettes. Scientists have made conclusion after analyzing data of 16 experiments in which people have been grafted with money, lottery tickets and coupons.

In return they had to change their habits. The idea of getting fast money, even small amount, attracts many people, marks The Daily Mail.

By the way, financial stimulus is also able to urge on trainings, regular rest and medical examination. From the point of view of effectiveness both big and small amount have been similar. And according to specialists' calculations such graft of smokers will be cheaper than treatment.

If smokers have participated in such projects they have quit smoking for six months twice oftener than smokers who visited consultations about methods of getting rid of dependence. Stimulation has increased possibility of changes in person's behavior by 62 %. By the way, penalties for no fulfillment of prescriptions have been also quite effective.

However, stimulation has lost its power in time if money hasn't been given anymore. Some specialists offer to replace money with coupons to super-market. First of all this will attract people with low socially-economical status.


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