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Net profit of British American Tobacco has increased by 2.8% in 2013

April 29, 2014

Net profit of group of Companies British American Tobacco (BAT), one of leaders on world market of tobacco products, in 2013 has grown by 2.8% as compared to 2012 - up to 3.9 billion pounds sterling (6.5 billion USD), results from Company's report.

In equivalent to one usual share profit has made 2.046 pounds sterling against 1.948 pounds one year earlier. BAT earnings have grown less than for 1% - up to 15.26 billion pounds sterling (25.45 USD).

Sales of the group have reduced by 2.7% up to 676 billion cigarettes in terms of tobacco market decay by 2.6%. As it is marked in the report in Russia volume of sales have also reduced, but market share has increased significantly thanks to results of Rothmans brand and good launch of Lucky Strike. Kent has kept leader positions in premium segment furthering the growth of profits. In August Company has informed that its market share in Russian Federation has increased to 21.1% from 20.5% one year earlier.

Major growth of sales in business period in the whole world was marked with Dunhill brand (by 9.7%). Sales of Pall Mall brand cigarettes have grown during one year by 4.4%. Sales of Lucky Strike cigarettes have reduced by 6.5%, Kent - by 2.9%.

BAT, the second tobacco Company in the world after Philip Morris International was found in 1902 in England. In the list of Company brands are such names as Lucky Strike, Pall Mall, Kent, Dunhill and also some brands, unique for local market. Company owns 45 cigarette plants in 39 countries of the world.


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