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Stress forces to smoke only women, but not men

May 19, 2014

Vienna Medical University has determined that men and women reach out for cigarettes because of different reasons. It appeared that women smoke oftener because of stressful situations.

And women start smoking in younger age, informs Xinhua. But men, as a rule, smoke at rest when they are glad of everything.

In female body nicotine is processed faster and withdrawal syndrome is also developed faster. That is why it is more difficult for women to quit smoking and attempts may cause depression, anxious disorder and insomnia. Also they oftener fail to quit and start smoking again. In case of women strongly works bunch of smoking and weight. Many women are afraid to gain weight after refusing cigarettes.

Usually the dependence is stronger among people that starting to smoke in young age. It is remarkable that in Europe among adult people there are more male smokers. But as Austrian statistics shown, among 15 years old 21% of smokers were of female sex and 19% - of male. Experts urge to introduce ban for smoking in restaurants in order to reduce frequency of nicotine influence on youth.

In turn, Anna Schmidt from Cologne University and her colleagues are sure that psychoemotional pressure on work reduces dependence of smokers of nicotine as affected by stress they smoke less than usual.


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