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USA authorities took electronic cigarettes in their hands

June 23, 2014

Electronic cigarettes will fall under federal regulation for the first time.

Today Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has presented first federal normative act that regulates production and sale of electronic cigarettes. Till today there was no federal control over this many billion business in USA as well as guarantees of protection for American consumers.

Today FDA has presented preliminary list of requirements to production and sale of electronic cigarettes. During 75 days will take place public discussion of proposed requirements after what the process of final approval of new federal normative act will start. It may take several months. In accordance with FDA suggestions manufacturers will have to register their products in FDA presenting detailed information about substances used in the process of manufacturing electronic cigarettes.

Manufacturers that affirm that their electronic cigarettes are safer than usual cigarettes will have to present to FDA all data of scientific researched that confirm this. Administration will also gain the right to make inspections on industrial facilities of electronic cigarettes' manufacturers. Besides, manufacturers will not be able to distribute free samples of their products to consumers for promotion purposes and all products will be accompanied with warning about harm of nicotine that contain electronic cigarettes. At the same time in the draft of new law there is no ban on sale of flavored electronic cigarettes that according to the opinion of some healthcare experts make smoking attractive for children and youth. Besides, act doesn't limit advertising if electronic cigarettes, for example, on TV.

New law prohibits sale of electronic cigarettes to persons younger than 18 years old, buyers will have to present document, confirming their age. Companies will not be able to install vending machines that sell electronic cigarettes in those public places where are children. Electronic cigarettes will not be allowed for selling to persons younger than 18 years and through Internet.

After the final new law approval requirements of age restrictions compliance during sale of electronic cigarettes, placing of warnings about nicotine harm and some other will come into force. But to manufacturers authorities will provide two-years during which they will have to meet requirements related to registration in FDA and corresponding documentation feed about products.

Till the present moment there was no federal regulation of production and sale of electronic cigarettes in USA - this huge industry with turnover of 2 billion USD remained outside the reach of federal authorities. But in the absence of federal law many states and cities on their own initiative began such regulation prohibiting use of electronic cigarettes in public places, imposing restrictions on sale and taxes. Besides, more than half of states already prohibit sale of electronic cigarettes to persons under 18 years old.


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