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Turkey decided to prohibit smoking on open areas of cafes and at entrances to commercial centers

July 21, 2014

Country authorities struggle for healthy life-style of citizens.

Ministry of Health of Turkey is going to apply ban on smoking for crowded open areas near closed premises. Decision was taken in the framework of anti-smoking campaign that takes place in the country. Among places under open sky where smoking is prohibited are parks for kids, open areas of cafes, restaurants, territory at entrances to commercial centers, theaters and cinemas. Such steps are taken in accordance with National program of Ministry of Health of Turkey 2014-2018 for tobacco consumption control.

Also it is planned to hang announcements for citizens reminding about risk of passive smoking. Also will be activated struggle for sale of electronic cigarettes that according to the opinion of the Ministry encourage traditional smoking. It is planned to strengthen control after tobacco industry, including advertising, announcements or campaigns that prompt to smoking.

With all these measures agency hopes to increase awareness of public about use of tobacco products minimum to 95 % to 2018 and also to obtain reduction of smokers in Turkey, convincing people to quit vicious habit up to 50% of all citizens and 60% among teachers, medical and sanitary staff, religious employees, workers of juridical field and security area.

Ministry will also try to influence decision to quit smoking of 90% of pregnant women.

Within framework of campaign medical staff will receive special training and in every hospital of Turkey will work minimum one doctor that will be able to help people who want to quit smoking.

Let's remind that Turkey has introduced ban on smoking in public places back in 2009 but ban for hookah smoking - in 2013.


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