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Smoking during pregnancy

August 4, 2014

Smoking during pregnancy also causes problems with child's health in future life.

Scientists of American National Institute of environment's sanitary state came to conclusion that newborn children of mothers who smoked during pregnancy in a greater degree are subject to changes in DNA than children of non-smoking parents. According to the data of scaled research children of mothers-smokers have higher risk of inherent defects and health problems during future life.

One of possible explanations of the phenomenon is that toxins that cigarette smoke contains may cause DNA mutations of the fetus. More than 100 out of 7 thousands substances inhaled during smoking are health harmful.

During the research scientists have analyzed blood samples of 889 newborns, including 287 children whose mothers have informed about smoking in first term of the pregnancy. Correlation between mother's smoking and changes in 110 genetic parts was found. According to scientists in order to determine changes during the entire life, further researches are necessary.


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