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Sanctions: against everyone

August 25, 2014

Looking in the past, it becomes clear that first scaled economical sanctions apparently began to use Ancient China.

After building the Great Wall that had to defend the country from raids of nomadic tribes, China has cut themselves from encirclement so perfectly that its advantage in front of another world was lost. With this step China in due time has made itself economical hara-kiri and now is an example of the country that unwillingly used sanctions de facto against itself.

In hour days, probably, the most famous application of economical sanctions is relations among USA to Cuba. America introduced them in 1960 and they are in action till today. However, the same long remain in power Castro brothers, in spite of the fact that economical difficulties caused by sanctions had to "kill" them. But they haven't managed. Yes, on Cuba people live badly but in USA it is also difficult to find Cuban cigars.


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