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Australian experts request to prohibit electronic cigarettes

September 1, 2014

Australian experts and smoking opponents have gladly met new report of World Health Organization (WHO) about electronic cigarettes.

Report warns that electronic cigarettes represent "serious threat" for teenagers and pregnant women. It is planned that soon electronic cigarettes will be prohibited for smoking in public places while will not be proved that exhalant smoke is not harmful for people around.

"It is hard to escape a conclusion that we should be very careful with electronic cigarettes, - professor Daube that is president of Australian Council on Smoking and Health said. - The reality is that these cigarettes were not researched as of yet in full. As of yet we are not aware of exact benefits of their use and we also are not aware of harm that they have."

Professor Simon Chapman from Sidney University said that these are unconfirmed gossips that electronic cigarettes help smokers to quit smoking. "We have made a lot of researches in which took part a lot of smokers. For the last 12 months no one of them has managed to quit smoking with the help of electronic cigarettes", - says professor.


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