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10 packs, 200 filtered cigarettes, King Size Box. (Tar 10mg, Nicotine 0.8mg) Made under control of Philip Moris Products S.A., Switzerland. Made in Europe.


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Cigarettes and smoking

March 14, 2007 Cigarettes and smoking Smoking - is a search of refuge from yourself. In the moment of smoking a cigarette, we are not able to reconstitute the true picture of life. Dissolving yourself in tobacco smoke, going away from that level of consciousness, where we are, we go to the smoking break. During a short period of time we penetrate into the relax self-oblivion, taking rest from our own "ego".

Cigarette smoke - is a buffer zone between us and the things around us. Without any opportunity to live freely, we create a buffer zone, a kind of a shelter, doing one and the same things, which are determined by our habits and predilections. Inhaling and exhaling cigarette smoke, the pauses in the stream of thoughts spring up, giving our mind an opportunity to find the answers on many questions. It's done absolutely insensibly for those, who smoke with us, but it's more insensibly for us, because outwardly we share our experiences, impressions, opinions and so on. But at the same time, being in a state of self-oblivion concerning the present moment, we suppress irritation, discontent, anxiety and fear. Thus, we take us away and away in the direction of something insignificant, vain, forgetting ourselves.

But at any moment we can find an opportunity to smoke without going away into the unconsciousness. In order to reach this state, we have to be aware of everything around us in outward appearance: the way we talk, what happens between us and other people. With this, we remember about us, we see how things are reflected in us, we observe our inner state. And it isn't a strained mind control - during such moments we present here and now. We are watchful, suspicious, our movements aren't mechanical, and they are not reflexed - we are aware of everything, it means that we are alive. During such moments, we are able to see and to examine our feelings, thoughts, emotions, coming from time to time. During this examination we will be aware of the moment, when the desire to take a cigarette rises. And we'll observe the reasons why we began to smoke, and it can be various causes in definite moments of our life. Among them: the wish to distract the mind, attempt to switch from one action to another, impossibility to begin doing something without smoking a cigarette. Also, doing something, we can think about a quick completion of the work in order to smoke as soon as possible.

But we can also discover in ourselves the dependence from people, who come to us, when we become exited thinking that somebody comes to share the smoking ritual with us. Reasons, inducing us to smoke, are different, but no matter where we look, smoking - is a dependence, and it means - it's a life restriction. This habit isn't harmless, and not only for us but for the people around, whom we avoid, getting lost in inner self-oblivion, moving away from ourselves and from those around us. Becoming attentive and sensitive to our desire to smoke, we watch it since this desire became the part of us. We study everything that we do with a cigarette, keeping it in our hands, and everything it does with us. If we don't make any conclusions at the same time, it causes the following: irrespective attention to everything concerning our predilection arises inside us. And then our consciousness develops, lighting our life, releasing us from everything husk and adopted, leaving in it only those things, that happen deliberately, in harmony with us.


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