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Protect smokers!

March 19, 2007 The State Duma is going to examine a new draft legislation to make fight with smoking more severe. As all previous ones, it is directed on “protection of non-smoking part of population from tobacco smoke”. This time stiffening of anti-nicotine politics should touch public transport and in the first place trains of long-distance. That is, if the legislation is adopted, smoking in trains will be banned.

Protection of non-smoking population is certainly important and high-minded aim. Also is no doubt that smoking harms to human’s health, cuts off human’s life, etc…

Probably, when there won’t be smokers on the planet, smoking ban problems will disappear. But meanwhile smokers exist. And there are a lot of them. Does anybody take thought that smokers have any rights?

Meanwhile everything looks like smokers don’t have any rights. At all. When cigarettes were advertised by TV, and every schoolboy could buy a pack of cigarettes in the store, it was awful. Isn't an awful situation when a significant part of the society is deprived the opportunity to do the things the life without which doesn't exist? Millions of smokers are sentenced to inconveniences and humiliation. What for?

It is necessary to fight with smoking. But if human smokes because of some reasons and isn’t going to quit (at last it is his personal affair)- this person needs his rights to be protected not less than non-smoker. But smoker’s rights are not protected. Smokers don’t have rights.

Perhaps some party will protect these rights? I would vote for it with pleasure…


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