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Scientists try to guess the reason of smoking attractiveness.

April 3, 2007 It is hard to find a person who havenít ever heard about harm of smoking. But meanwhile number of smokers rises every year. At the present day cigarettes and other tobacco products are being consumed by 1,2 billion people and this number continue to increase. Why? Trying to answer on this question scientists got absolutely paradox results. It is no doubt that smoking kills. As WHO states because of smoking related diseases dye 4 million people every year.

If it continues, in 20 years smoking will be the main reason of death and disability all over the world.

Every year scientists receive more frightening news about harm of tobacco, but people continue smoking. Why?

Monkey instinct

Scientists suspected that smoking is bunged-up in genes. Indeed, all the primates pull their hands to take cigarettes. In April, 2005 zoo managers were worried about health of one of inhabitants of their zoo. Chimpanzee male became a chain smoker. He collects cigarettes butts, lighting up from a lighter, hides cigarettes from zoo workers, cadges butts. From the early years chimpanzee acquires habits taking color from adults, - comments on psychologist Darrel Barns. We suppose that Charlie acquired his habit beginning to take the color of another people who attended the zoo, and they began to throw him cigarettes. This case is not unique. Last year such habit acquired chimpanzees in Chinese zoo. Cigarettes are being interested in and other mammals. So, cats play with cigarettes and bite them with great pleasure. Scientists think that people and animals are attracted by a nicotine containing in a cigarette. Meanwhile the demand of nicotine is not the same for different people.

So, Canadian epidemiologists from McGill University discovered CYP2A6 gene, responsible for elaboration of nicotine in liver. Variants CYP2A6 decrease the level of ferments, that slows down elaboration of nicotine. As a result brain has higher concentration of nicotine and this gives the smoker an opportunity to fell happy and is a reason of nicotine dependence.

Professor Robert Suhami from British Oncology Center discovered that tobacco and alcohol use those people who have in their organism 5HTT-LPR gene. Its owners are irritable, hard communicate to other people and try to escape in narcotic staffs.

Andrew Taper from Colorado University consider that the blame is in genetical mutation that lets nicotine block definite receptors in brain cells. This leads to increasing amount of dopamine and stimulation the centers of pleasure.

Not all the smokers have genetic aptitude to nicotine. What makes them smoke one cigarette after another?

Remedial cigarette

Perhaps to take cigarette makes the person his own organism trying to escape most dangerous diseases. Scientists donít like to tell about this but at the present date there are a lot of data about benefit of smoking.

Nicotine stimulates brain, improves memory and quality of data processing Ė these all scientists knew long time ago. However during the last years scientists understood that this character might be used to treat most incurable diseases. So, doctor Harvie Checkaway from Washington University found out that smokers have Parkinson disease on 70% less than non-smokers. The same data and for Altzgamer disease. And scientists from New York university discovered that nicotine compensates the defects of brain activity on schizophrenia. Not casual Americans with this disease smoke literally one cigarette after another.

Nicotine is useful when patient have allergic diseases. It acts as mild antidepressant and protects smokers from allergic diseases.

This does not mean that you should calm continue smoking. Harm overweight useful features, writes doctor G. Baron who published materials about use of smoking for the first time.

Need for death

In 1960s scientists were interested in question why knowing that smoking harms children are attracted by cigarettes. Researches showed that in early age start smoking extraverts Ė emotional, energy and active children. But in 10 years situation changed dramatically.

Low-spirited children started to smoke, cigarettes helped them to ret rid of stresses. However in 80ís most adolescents note that tobacco smoke not only takes anxiety away but compounds bad mood.

Researches of 90ís shocked Western society. Psychologists discovered that adolescents smoke because of depression and having no sense in their lives. Thatís why anti-tobacco campaigns do not bother them. Moreover they act opposite.

The last opportunity is to change the program in childrenís heads. To help the, quit smoking can different hobbies, everything that makes live interesting.


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