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Interesting tobacco facts

April 23, 2007

  1. Tobacco bush by origin is from American continent and relates to the same family as potato and pepper.
  2. Tobacco seeds are small by their size, one ounce contains about 300 000 seeds.
  3. It is considering that tobacco was cultivated in the 6th century B.C.
  4. In the 1st century A.D. American Indians began to use tobacco in medicinal and religious purposes.
  5. Tobacco leaves were put on wounds as pain-killer. It was considering that tobacco removes toothache.
  6. On October,15 1492 tobacco was offered to Columbus by American Indians as a gift.
  7. Soon after that tobacco was brought in Europe, and people began to cultivate tobacco everywhere.
  8. Main reason of fast rising popularity of tobacco became its pretended treatment properties. Tobacco was supposed to be a panacea from all illnesses and diseases.
  9. In 1571 Spanish doctor Nicolas Mondares wrote a book about medicinal plants of New World. He wrote that tobacco can treat 36 diseases.
  10. In 1588 Virginia citizen Thomas Harriet began to propagandize everyday tobacco smoking as the way to common organism recovery. Unfortunately soon as dies of cancer.
  11. In 17th century tobacco became as popular that sometimes it was used as money.
  12. In 1670 sir Francis Bacon notes that quit smoking is hard.
  13. In 1632 in Massachusetts public smoking was banned. It was done due to moral reasons, not because of health care.
  14. In 1760 Pierre Lorrylard founds a tobacco and cigars manufacturing company in New York. Today "P. Lorillard" is the oldest tobacco company in the USA.
  15. In 1776 in times of war for independence in the USA, Americans used tobacco for credit security given by them in France.
  16. In 1826 nicotine was synthesized. Soon was discovered that this is a poison.
  17. In 1826 was founded "Philip Morris" company who specialized on cigarettes of manual rolling-up from Turkish tobacco. Soon in 1849 in Saint ¨CLouis was founded "J.E. Liggett & Brother". Tobacco company.
  18. In 1875 was founded chewing "R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company" (more known in the USA as manufacturer of foil "Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil")
  19. Only in 20 century cigarettes gradually take first place in the whole volume of tobacco manufacturing. Thus, in 1901 was sold 3,5 billions of cigarettes and 6 billion of cigars.
  20. In 1902 British company "Philip Morris" opens an American headquarter in New York for promoting its brands in America.
  21. Demand on cigarettes rises and in 1913 "R.J. Reynolds" launches its new brand "Camel".
  22. The real boom in tobacco manufacturing was during World War I when cigarettes were told as ¡°soldiers¡¯ gage¡±.
  23. In 1923 ¡°Camel¡± brand controls about 45% of the American market. "Philip Morris" begins promoting its ¡°Marlboro" as cigarettes for women under the motto "Mild as May".
  24. In its turn, "American Tobacco Company", the manufacturer of "Lucky Strike", begins to promote this brand among women and wins 38% of the market.
  25. In 1939 "American Tobacco Company" presents its new brand "Pall Mall" which puts this company on the fist place among American tobacco companies.
  26. During World War II cigarettes are included in soldier¡¯s ration. Cigarettes companies sent to front million of cigarettes for free. When soldiers return home, companies receive hundreds of thousands loyal consumers.
  27. In 1952 "P. Lorillard launches new brand "Kent" with filter. Producing of cigarettes with such filter was stopped in 1956.
  28. In 1954 "R.J. Reynolds" presents brand "Winston" with filter. The same company in 1956 launches the brand ¡°Salem¡±, these are first menthol cigarettes with filter.
  29. In 1965 TV advertisement of tobacco products in UK was banned.
  30. In 1966 on cigarettes packs appear warnings about harm of tobacco for the health.
  31. In In 1968 were produces first cigarettes produced not of tobacco of ¡°Bravo¡± brand. Made of lattice, they failed.
  32. Huge anti-tobacco campaigns began in the USA, cigarettes corporations began diversification of its manufacturing. "Philip Morris" buys brewery "Miller Brewing Company", manufacturers of such beer brands as "Miller Beer", "Miller Lite" §Ú "Red Dog Beer". "R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company" changed its name to "R.J. Reynolds Industries" and begins investing money in non-tobacco manufacturing such as aluminium. "American Tobacco Company" also changes its name to "American Brands, Inc".
  33. In 1971 cigarettes advertisement completely disappears from TV broadcast in the USA. But cigarettes anyway remain the second most advertised product after cars.
  34. Continuing diversificating its goods packet, "Philip Morris" corporation buys "General Foods Corporation" and "Kraft Inc". "R.J. Reynolds" also buys famous manufacturer of foodstuff "Nabisco" and changes its name to "RJR/Nabisco".
  35. In 1987 USA Congress bans smoking on internal airways with the fly length less than 2 hours. In 1990 smoking is banned on all internal flights except flights to Alaska and Hawaii.
  36. In 1990 famous caf¨¦ network "Ben & Jerry's" sets up a boycott to all goods of "RJR/Nabisco" group.
  37. In 80¡¯s and 90¡¯s American tobacco corporations begin active promotion of their products outside USA, especially in Asia. After long competitions with ¡°Coca Cola¡± brand Marlboro was acknowledged as the most expensive brand among goods of everyday consumption. It is evaluated in 30 billion dollars.


There are 1,1 billion of smokers all over the world.

30% of men and 28% of women smoke in the United Kigdom.
28% and 24 % smoke in the USA.
Russian people: men 58% and women 12%.
Less smokers are among Uzbeks and Chineese.


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