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Hookah – useful or not?

May 21, 2007

Hookah is not only fashionable but prestigious in the modern world. This relatively moderately priced pleasure is very popular nowadays as among young people, as among middle aged.

European doctors could not say finally whether this appliance is good or bad for the health. The basis of good hookah is high quality tobacco, dried according special technologies and wetted in fruit syrup. While smoking, water precipitates tar and the smoke refrigerates. The advantage of tobacco is that it smoulders and does not burns as a cigarette.

However if one takes alcohol in uncontrolled volume, then subsequently one can be poisoned (feel sick, headache). Besides, big portions of hookah act negatively on human organism.

Nevertheless smoking hookah in moderate doses is less harmful as smoking cigarettes. That’s why to have a maximum pleasure and not to harm to your health, doctors recommend to follow the next rules:

1) use only special tobacco for hookah

2) rinse hookah timely, especially pipes and hose.

3) in exceptional cases you can pour wine (not any other alcoholic drinks)

4) do not use alcohol when smoking hookah

5) when several people smoke, changeable mouthpiece needed

Is allowed:

1) to mix up different types of tobacco (fine recipe)

2) drink expensive sorts of teas, lemonades

3) pour juice in the retort

Hookah is not recommended to people who do not smoke as this evokes adaptation to tobacco.


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