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Deutsche Bahn introduces full smoking ban

June 1, 2007

Deutsche Bahn introduces full smoking ban

The only smokers at German railways will remain soon diesel locomotives and rare old steam engines at historiČŃal routes. Inside the train and inside the railroad stations smoking will be banned completely. Long distance trains remained in Germany the only type of ground-based public transport where passengers could smoke. Beginning from July, 1 joint-stock company Deutsche Bahn will wind last oasis for smokers up.

It is expected that on September, 1 a new federal law will come into force. Now it is examined in the parliament. It prohibits smoking in the transport and federal structures buildings. Deutsche Bahn began to put this plans into practice beforehand.

10 years didn't pass...

Restriction of smokersí» freedom on the railroad began a couple of years mostly because of commercial interest. It was intended to cut down the expenses for railway coach, railroad stations and terminal cleaning. Fist in 2001 it became Bonn. Gradually practically all large terminals were declared as non-smoking areas and for smokers were detached small "isles" on the platforms. Now and they will disappear.

The only place for smokers will remain caffes and restaurants, as the power of Deutsche Bahn does not spread on rented by private entrepreneurs territory. There act even non-federal, but land laws. Today 16 German regions develop their own rules in the areas, and some public catering enterprises may have some exclusions in their areas.

You won't smoke to yours heart's content before your trip Regarding railways, everyday the quantity of railway passengers consists of 4,9 million people in German. In German regional and downtown trains and electric trains smoke was banned long time ago. Only in Berlin, Brandenburg and Mecklenburg in some trains were provided places for smokers. There 20% of places are provided for smokers in high-speed trains ICE and long-way trains IC at the given moment. In 50's of XX century for smokers was provided every second place. All the dining-cars are free of tobacco places from 1991 and smoking in some bistros was banned a couple of months ago.

How about Indiana Johns?

By the way, Deutsche Bahn had the possibility to use the "loophole" and save the places for smokers in long-way trains. But realizing in practice this idea is hard indeed. New law provides complete isolation of placements for smokers. Most non-smoker passengers who are intended to go in the dining-car must pass through the smoking areas. They can't go on the roof as was shown in Hollywood motion pictures.

By sea and by land.

Smoking was allowed in taxi, but not in all taxies. On the windshields of most taxies appeared no smoking signs. By the way when you order the taxi by phone, you may ask operator for non-smoking car. Considering new bill, smoking in taxi will be banned completely. This rule will act in buses and train-ferries. On German companies flights smoking was banned long time ago.

Dying vocabulary

When booking the tickets for train starting from June,1 you will be asked 3 additional questions except purpose, date and time. The questions are the following:

- "Groraumwagen oder Abteil?" ("Public coach or compartment? "),

- "Gang oder Fenster?" ("Near the window or gangway?").

The third question is : "Raucher oder Nichtraucher?" ("Smoking or non-smoking?"), will become in Germany an anachronism.


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