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Tobacco is turned out neck and crop from magazines. United States Congress acts against cigarette advertisement in woman magazines

June 13, 2007

United States Congress contunues fighting against smoking. Some of members demand of publishers to stop advertising cigarettes in magazines Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Glamour and others as smoking damages health.

This week a group of 41 deputy send letters to 11 publishers which reads that tobacco advertisement near the articles about women' health is the impossible farce. The most anxiety represents Camel No 9 - new cigarettes in fine black pack with sea-green fillet manufactured by R. J. Reynolds. They are advertised as women cigarettes.

"We are anxious that R. J. Reynolds uses women magazines to advertise this brand hardly", - reads this letter. Representatives of R. J. Reynolds affirm that the new cigarettes wich are shown in magazines against roses background are meaned for mature experienced smokers.

Anti-smoking organizations are sure that company needs new cigarettes to pomote smoking and attract young girls who don't smoke.

American parliament protests against new brand Camel No 9 not for the first time. Recently five members of its upper chamber send a note to Federal Trade Comission (FTC) with the same claim that R. J. Reynolds aims to make young women to become smokers.

No one of magazines replied this letter. As representatives of Conde Nast publishing house tell, the decision to publish or not publish tobacco advertisement remains after different publishers. Conde Nast prints 4 of 11 magazines : Vogue, Glamour, Lucky and W . The other ones are: Cosmopolitan, Elle, Marie Claire, US Weekly, InStyle, Interview Magazine and Soap Opera Digest.

Print tobacco advertisement is banned in some countries, including European countries but it is allowed in the USA. TV and radio chaseā it away long ago and recently it disappeared from advertisement hoarding. In American Medicine Institute's report reads about banning graphical advertisement of tobacco and gives recommendations to leave it in printed black-and white view. Some magazines already stopped publishing tobacco goods - these are Self, Men's Health and Money.


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