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Smoking without risk is a reality

July 3, 2007

Favorite slogan of the Ministry of Health "Smoking is hazardous for your health" may sink into oblivion. Scientists invented cigarettes, which affect neither smoker, nor surroundings.

Fundamental distinction of the novelty, developed by Supresmoker Company, lies in the fact that it doesn't contain tobacco. Instead of tobacco, the special liquid is used, which is filled in four replaceable cigarette holders. Changing them, smoker will be able to regulate the nicotine's concentration. To smoke such cigarette in plenty is impossible, but it's for better according to the developers, inhaled "product" doesn't contain carcinogens and is absolutely harmless. With this, the novelty keeps its flavor, which is usual to every smoker.

In news release of the company, established only two weeks ago, it's stated that as a result of collaboration between Belgian and European scientists fundamentally new substance has been created. New product has already passed through toxicological and scientific testing in the laboratory of the Catholic University (Leuven, Belgium).

Supersmoker's creators believe that the alternative cigarette will help smokers to deal with the habit. About 28% of Belgian population is smokers, more than a half wants to give up the habit, but everything is in vain. Moreover, the creators cherish the hope that their produce will become the most effective mean in struggle with nicotine addiction. The creators' expectations are quite sound harmless cigarettes are cheaper than the usual ones. The novelty has already appeared at shopboards.

Not only Belgians are preoccupied with the creation of new-generation cigarettes. In May Chinese Company Dragon produced "electronic" cigarettes. They don't differ from usual cigarettes outwardly. These cigarettes function with batteries. Giving the smokers necessary doze of nicotine, electronic cigarettes don't secrete tars and toxins. That's why, the company made bold to assert, that its invention is the best method to quit smoking.


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