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Cigarettes will be substituted by play stations in British bars

July 20, 2007

Smokers of Britain are concerned about oncoming smoking ban in public places. In order to moderate the law, bars owners find the ways to amuse visitors and to distract them from thoughts about cigarette.

Thus, the commercial director of Geronimo bars, 40-year-old Ed Turner decided to place Nintendo DS in his bars the visitors hands will be occupied with joystick. There are some board games in 17 Geronimo bars Sea battle and Monopoly, but Nintendo is only in one bar now. However, according to Turner, very soon smokers will be able to enjoy Nintendo game in all his bars.

Bars owners suppose that smoking ban will cause some difficulties in service. This is the reason why in some public places glass-holders with the inscription went to smoke appeared. Thus, as to the authors of the idea, waiters will know what beer they can take away or leave on.

Waiting for the law coming into force, British people order draught beer to their homes. According to some data, draught beer sells increased by 750%.


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