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People swallow the bait in british anti-tobacco advertisement

July 25, 2007 People swallow the bait in british anti-tobacco advertisement.

Hundreds of complaints regarding new anti-tobacco advertisement sent United Kingdom dwellers to the Ministery of Health. They read that this advertisement humiliates and shocks them, as regards children - they are simple frighten.

New anti-tobacco advertisement appeared in the United Kingdom. In the commercial middle-aged woman irons the clothes. Her son asks her help with his exercises. - Ten minutes, my dear! tells she. Suddenly the bait appears in her mouth like someone drags her in the neighbour room where she lights up a cigarette. Then the inspription on the screen reads: The average smoker needs over five thousand cigarettes a year. Get unlocked!

This adversisement is being demonstrated on TV and internet. It is printed in magazines, newspapers. A lot of posters are shown where different people swallowed the bait. Next to this picture quit smoking clinic phone number is printed.

British smokers are shocked on this advertisement. They consider it is awful and disqusting. 152 of people affirm that this advertisement frightens people. That is why these posters are not located near schools.

This campaign was sponsored by GB Ministery of Health and after launching this advertisement a lot of complains were sent to them. Worse than this advertisement was percieved Kentuccky fried & chicken advertisement where people sing chicken songs with full mouths.

Ministery is not going to stop anti-tobacco campaign. Clerks hope that thanks to this commercial more people will quit smoking forever.


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