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10 packs, 200 filtered cigarettes, King Size Box. (Tar 10mg, Nicotine 0.8mg) Made under control of Philip Moris Products S.A., Switzerland. Made in Europe.


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From history of pipe smoking

November 1, 2007

In spite of the fact that pipes appeared in Ancient China, the home of tobacco is America as it is accepted. Indians from Orinoco valley cultivated tobacco from time immemorial and blending tobacco with flavored herbs, they used this plant in religious and medical rituals. Everybody knows about the ritual called peace pipe. According to the custom, during making a peace, they smoked the pipe with enemy.

Nothing is known about first people who smoked pipe. Maybe it was Columbus, who brought tobacco to the New World. Pipe smoking became a modern habit, and now it is a permanent attribute of sea dog.

But not everything was fine in the history of pipe smoking. In the beginning of 17 century English King Jacob I called the pipe ″devilish invention″ and ″ Challenge to God″ Popes threatened pipe smokers with excommunication. In Switzerland smoking was punished as well as adultery. In Russia pipe smokers were ripped out and exiled to Siberia, and those who were caught for the second time, were executed. However, despite of smoking bans, passion for tobacco attracted more and more people and rulers had to make concessions to smokers.

In 1635 King Ludwig XIII permitted smoking in France by prescription of a doctor. In 30 years when plague stroke Europe, pipe was considered to be a panacea from any disease. Gradually, persecutions stopped and the golden age of pipe had come. In XIX century when cigars and cigarettes spread all over the world, pipe smoking lost its followers and became the symbol of refinement and the etalon of good manners.


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