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10 packs, 200 filtered cigarettes, King Size Box. (Tar 10mg, Nicotine 0.8mg) Made under control of Philip Moris Products S.A., Switzerland. Made in Europe.


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Winston: The history of success

November 19, 2007 Winston: The history of success

The middle of the last century is the golden age of cigarettes industry. In a short space of time by efforts of leading companies were introduced innovations, which determined the development of the cigarettes industry for the next half a century. It was the time when the first mass international cigarettes brands appeared: Marlboro, Winston, Camel. American blending still gains the popularity among smokers. It was found by the experts from RJ Reynolds and applied to Winston cigarettes. By amazing coincidence in the same year Philip Morris decided to renew Marlboro cigarettes brand, which has been at the market for 30 years already but the considerable income was not observed: the content of the blending was changed principally and it turned out to be very close to the blending content of Winston cigarettes.

Until now historians surmise weather it was a successful industrial espionage, deal or real coincidence, and who was the first one. Both companies consider them to be the first, but the question is not about it. Blending turned out to be much better than the variants before, that was proved by cigarettes sales of both companies. These two blendings determined the composition of structural tobacco known as American blending, where the main peculiarity is the absence of thermal treated Burley tobacco. Filter as the essential part of a cigarette was applied firstly by Europeans, and then Winston became the first cigarettes brand of mass demand, supplied with the filter. Philip Morris was the first who applied flip top box for Marlboro cigarettes pack.

The appearing of Winston cigarettes with filter and American blending took place in 1954. Corporative legend ascribes the authorship of the idea to Edward Darr, manager of RJ Reynolds, who at the beginning of 50s visited Switzerland and brought new ideas for the business development. The choice of the name turned to be quite natural, by the name of the city where the company and its founder succeeded. The official history of the company confirms that in two years, in 1965 Winston brand was declared the best cigarettes of USA. The real recognition of consumers is the sales volume, and Winston cigarettes gained the leadership in 1965 becoming the most sold cigarettes brand in USA for only ten years. For comparison: it took 51 year from the moment of creation for Marlboro to reach the first line in American group of leaders. The position of the leader became the start position for the next expansion. In 1967 Winston 100 was introduced on the market, women were interested in this version.


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