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10 packs, 200 filtered cigarettes, King Size Box. (Tar 10mg, Nicotine 0.8mg) Made under control of Philip Moris Products S.A., Switzerland. Made in Europe.


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Popular cigarettes brands rise in price in Russia

February 11, 2008 Popular cigarettes brands rise in price in Russia

Some popular cigarettes brands, including Kent, Lucky Strike, Parliament and Marlboro, may rise in price at the Russian market due to ban on import of Indian tobacco to Russia. Restrictions are not applied to coffee and tea, packed up for retail trade. However, tobacco supplies from India are no longer fulfilled. India is one of the key providers of tobacco for Russian and world enterprises. In Russian representative office of Philip Morris International claimed that ban on import of Indian tobacco will cause need of its substitute on more expensive tobacco stuff. It will lead to prime cost increase of some cigarette brands.

British American Tobacco produces such cigarette brands as Kent, Lucky Strike and Vogue. Altria Group Inc., which is the parent company of Philip Morris International, produces Marlboro, Parliament, Virginia Slims, Chesterfield and L&M.

India is one of the main suppliers of tobacco, which serve as the important component for blending from various tobacco sorts to give special piquancy to cigarettes.


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