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Cigar: how to smoke correctly?

June 28, 2010

Cigar smoking process differs from traditional - cigarette. First of all, cigar smoke is not inhaled as it prevents from feeling its flavor. Besides, cigar cannot be lightened up from gas lighter - even Zippo or Ronson change its aroma cardinally. The best variant is special long matches that are offered, for example, by famous tobacco plant Dunhill.

Cut cigars: cigar end should be cut before smoking cigar. For this are used either special scissors for cigars or scissors in form of guillotine (be sure to buy them as to use you teeth for this is considered bad manners). Guillotine scissors are recommended as more effective.

Cigar lighting up is creative process that is why you should come to it step-by-step.

First step: Hold cigar in hands horizontally and slowly turn it under the fire so that its end would warm up evenly.

Second step: Take cigar in the mouth. Hold it horizontally. Light up the very cigar end and inhale very slowly at the same time turning cigar.

You mustn't use ashtray each minute and you don't have to do it - the better cigar is the longer is column of ashes that it holds. You mustn't put it out as a usual butt as well - in half a minute it will go out itself.

How should you offer cigar to another person? Sophisticated cigar lovers are famous with their weakness for food, wine and strong alcoholic beverages. More ideal is to offer cigar after the meat, dessert, coffee, port wine or cognac. Cigars should be always offered in original cigar case or box for cigar.

Bring cigar case to the person. When offering, cigar case should be opened for giving opportunity to make choice.

Good "Havana" is stored in special boxes made of Lebanon cedar with simple but witty mechanism for maintaining constant and definite humidity. "Humidors", as they are called, besides their direct destination serve also as collectable. So, in 1989 on Sotby auction Humidor that belonged to John Kennedy was sold for an astronomic sum of 159 thousands of dollars.

This is all what you should know about cigars their admire-beginner - now you are ready to join the class of lover to hold smoke in teeth.


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