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Tobacco growing. Part 1

August 23, 2010

From the moment when tobacco seed gets in the ground, when sprout becomes strong enough, should pass approximately one and half of months. The entire process, as a rule, is carried under the open sky in specially equipped seed plots that from influence of external factors are protected with the straw or in laboratory conditions where first life stages of tobacco plant are constantly controlled by specialists.

For the last years, namely second variant is considered more preferable: sprouts begin their life in small blocks on pallet, and in each block is located only one seedling. In the pallet, in which are located blocks with plants, through special trough is delivered food solution.

The size of tobacco seed is 0.1-0.6 millimeters in diameter. Of course, it is quite uneasy to make seeds' transplanting of such size. To simplify this difficult mission special dispensers are used. When seedling of tobacco bush will grow up to 13-15 centimeters begins the time of its transplanting in open soil. Traditionally on Cuba tobacco is transplanted on plantations in the middle of September. From the moment of transplanting the quantity of labor intensive operations of taking care of tobacco bush increases significantly.

It is quite natural that for various tobacco sorts are required various conditions for their growing. For example, bushes, the leaf of which afterwards will be used for cigar cover should be transplanted in the shadow as the sun light absence will make these leafs thinner and more delicate. In one and half-thee weeks after transplanting on plantation plants are covered with special cloth but under the cloth is made wire netting to which tobacco bushes are tied. But bushes leaf of which will be used for filling and binding, should be, on the contrary, grown under open sky. As soon as bush grows till certain size, plantation workers by plucking upper buds stop its growth. After this begins forcing of tobacco bush leaf development as to manufacture cigars leaf must have maximally big sizes and be succulent.


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