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Tobacco growing. Part 2

September 18, 2010

However, nipping off leads not only to forced growth of plant's leaf but also leads to accelerated growth of sprouts. In order not to allow saturation of unnecessary sprouts with food flow, in order that all food flows would go to the leaf is necessary to remove sprouts from time to time.

It is important to remember that except the top bud and unnecessary sprouts, it is necessary to remove inflorescences from bushes, leaving them only on those bushes that are specially meant for seedsí production. As a rule, such bushes grow under control of specialists in special laboratory conditions. It is interesting that for storing such seeds special granary was built on Island of Freedom. Seeds from this granary, that make Cuban gold reserve before beginning of season are passed to selected tobacco growers. Tobacco gathering begins in forty days after transplanting the seedlings. It is made in several steps. First of all big leafs that are located below are gathered. After gathering the bottom leafs bush is growing during few days more, as result other leafs manage to develop. Tobacco bush that has grown under the sun reaches approximately 170 centimeters in height and has 14-16 leafs. The same bushes that have grown in the shadow have 20 leafs and reach almost three meters in height.

On the second step of tobacco harvest middle leafs are removed but few days later final step begins - gathering of top leafs that are more juicy and saturated.

Bottom tobacco leafs gathered on the first stage are called volado, middle - seco, but the top leafs - ligero. Gathering of all leafs from one bush takes from three to four weeks but generally between seed planting and harvest passes from 15 to 17 weeks.


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