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Marketing in famous brands. Part 2

October 4, 2010


Among the first in America teaser ad has been tried out by tobacco brand Camel in 1913. Having decided that camel is not memorable vivid picture but also a perfect motive for advertising innovations, specialists from tobacco Company RJR before few days till the first lot of cigarettes has entered the market, gave in newspapers of almost ninety American towns' mysterious advertisements. "Camels" - said one of them. After few appeared information "Camels are coming", and then - "Tomorrow will be more Camels in the town than in Asia and Africa taken one with another!". The next morning scared and intrigued Americans have finally found out the truth. "Camel cigarettes are already here!" - The final advertisement said.


For the first time Marlboro brand appeared in 1924 and has been positioned as first cigarettes for ladies. And strictly female slogan has been used: "Mild as May". As spokesperson was invited Hollywood star May West. On ladies auditory has been also oriented the pack: filter with a red strap solved double problem: to hide inaccurate mark of the lipstick and to protect white female tooth from yellowing. But how much haven't advertising specialists tried, the product was little attractive for women: because of cigarettes the breath had worsened, tooth became yellow and appeared racking dry cough. That is why in order to survive on the market after two decades brand had to change the gender.

To change conception about cigarettes with filter as about the product "for girls", Philip Morris has invited one of the best American advertising specialists - Leo Burnett who has invented the image of "Cowboy - prairie tamer". Cowboy - American spirit personification - has stung consumers to the quick. Posters reminded of real American heroes - brutal guys who are subjugating wild prairies. They have conquered all men and women, black people and Latino people. Marlboro sales just during one year have risen so much that they started to take the forth place in rating of all tobacco products sale.

Besides, Marlboro started to be produced in "Flip-top" package that became afterwards a standard - box made of hard cardboard with folding cover. Such a pack had both strictly practical (cigarettes have not mashed) and also huge marketing importance - now smoker had to demonstrate the pack for people around each time when he was going to smoke as to open "flip-top" in the pocket was not comfortable.


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