Kent Convertibles $24.00

10 packs, 200 cigarettes with white filter, King Size Box. (Tar - 4 mg, Nicotine - 0.3 mg). Filter consists of carbonic part and acetated part which contains gelatinous capsule with refreshing flavor. When pressing the sign on the filter during smoking, capsule activates and changes the flavor of cigarettes to menthol.
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In Israel were prohibited vending machines that sell cigarettes

January 31, 2011

Ministerial Committee on legislation approved the draft law of Uri Ariel ("Ehud Leumi") that supposes full ban on installation of vending machines that sell tobacco products.

Deputy Ariel has declared that his draft law appeals for protecting minor smokers from possibility to acquire tobacco outside the shops where cigarettes are sold only to persons that have come to full age. Draft law initiator has told that this law adoption will protect tens thousands of draft ages from smoking and will help them protect their health.

According to his own declaration, deputy Ariel started to smoke between hay and grass and was able to quit this vicious habit only few years ago after serious problems with his health appeared.


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