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How smoking puts a crimp into career

March 14, 2011

To smoke or not in the office? Should you confess about this vicious habit on interview? Lawyers and experts answer if smoking damages career.

"I have just smoked" has phlegmatically informs lawyer Peter Groll. He is heavy smoker. He knows that smoking kills. But does it put crimps into his career?

It is allowed to lie

"Does a person smokes or not, it is his own business, - is convinced Peter Groll, firm of attorneys founder in Frankfurt am Main. - Employer can ask you about it, but you don't be sincere when answering this question. This habit has nothing to do with the work." However, lawyer doesn't recommend to "walk through the office with cigarette" during trial period.

Harald Schwamborn, expert in employment law area from Hamburg has the same opinion. He makes the following analogy: "Employer asks seeker is he pregnant or not. Of course, he will guess that vacancy candidate hides the truth and most likely will prefer next seeker." That is why according to expert's opinion, in such situations "you can lie without consent about consequences". Besides, it is considered inadmissible in Germany to ask candidate questions about health and pregnancy. So, you can hide vicious habit during job placement to get job.

As experts state, employer doesn't have any right to refuse you because of smoking. However, quite possibly your future employer will be vociferous opponent of this "fact" in the office. After finding out that you are a smoker, he can refuse you and take another person at your place. And in this situation you will not be able to change anything. It is unlikely that employer will confess that smoking became determinant.


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