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Israel Ministry of Health stiffens control of smoking: cigarettes will disappear from duty free

June 20, 2011

Israeli Deputy Minister of Health Yakov Litzman is going to pass for Knesset's approval "National program on smoking control stiffening". For vicious habit control is offered to enable all measures that government has at disposal: increasing prices on tobacco products, introduction of additional bans on smoking in public places, stiffening control of active bans and rules compliance.

Program that was discussed in Knesset and media is based on recommendations of special commission of Ministry of Health under the charge of Dr. Roni Gamzo, general director of Ministry of Health. In the introduction to National program its authors indicate that annually of diseases related to smoking in Israel die 10000 people. For Health system smokers cost 1.75 billions of shekels (not considering charges for paying medical certificates, disablement allowances, and losses because of premature death of smoker). Cost of the program offered by Yakov Litzman is estimated in 10 millions shekels what makes 0.2 % of tax revenues from tobacco products sale.

One of the goals of this program is reducing number of smokers from 22.8 % of adult population to 14.8 % to 2020.

Here are some clauses of the program of Ministry of Health: ban introduction on sale of tobacco products in vending machines, van on sale of cigarettes in duty free zones, ban on smoking on bus and railway stations and also on territories near them; ban on smoking in office buildings and state institutions (in many institutions will be prohibited to organize smoking rooms). At present moment against restrictions is Ministry of transport.

Ministry of health also offers to introduce restrictions on tobacco products advertising on TV, press and Internet. Besides, on cigarettes packs is prohibited to place images of people or fruits, if this refers to flavored products.

Ministry of Health plans to create special department to control execution of new rules. Besides, is assumed to create one more tram of inspectors at the Ministry of the Environment.

Ministry of Health has also addressed to Ministry of Finance with request to consider possibility of increasing tax on cigarettes sale in order to, on one side, transform smoking into "expensive pleasure", on another - to replace part of costs for program realization on shoulders of smokers.

According to Israeli mass media, Ministry of Health lobby against some clauses of the program. Particularly, economists oppose against creation of special fund on smoking control and means, got from penalties, collected from owners of places of entertainment or persons that have violated ban for smoking in public places.


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