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Fire safe cigarettes will bug smokers

November 21, 2011

In European Union is now allows sale only of fire safe cigarettes. Medics raise alarm.

From November 15th in EU countries all cigarettes that come to grocery shelves will be self-extinguishing. Such request is provided by new EU direction, acceptance of which was initiated by European Commission. National organs of each country will control abidance of norms. "Classic" cigarettes will be sold in EU till their reserves finish.

New cigarettes are meant to decrease number of fires. Manufacturers have developed technology where in two places in cigarette is inserted ring made of thicker paper.

After reaching one of such rings, smoldering, if person doesn't inhale cigarettes at this moment, should stop as fillers reduce air access. Time of smoldering of these cigarettes is less what reduces risk of furniture, bed and other things firing. With all these cigarettes flavor and quality doesn't change.

Meantime innovation has induced negative reaction both among manufacturers and in medicine community. First have already warned that manufacturing of self-extinguishing cigarettes will cost more than usual cigarettes, their price will rise by 10-20 eurocents.

Doctors are worried that now smokers will have to inhale it oftener so that it doesn't go out and it means that tobacco consumption grows manifold.

Fireproof cigarettes are already used in USA, Canada and Australia. In EU such measures from 2010 has accepted Finland.


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